Advice for Helpers

Many thanks for offering to help with our school trip. If it were not for assistance like yours such a trip could not take place. Please find below some pointers which will help make the day more enjoyable for everyone;

  • Please ensure you have a list of the names of the children who are to be in your group and introduce yourself by first name when you meet them. Tell them they must tell you of anything they are worried about during the day. Continually check they are all within your sight.
  • If any of them have an accident, inform one of the trained 'First-Aiders'
  • Please bring a packed lunch with you as well as a waterproof and the sort of footwear for walking on the hills and through shallow streams and rough, muddy paths. A hat and suncream are also advisable.
  • Please do not smoke in front of the pupils.
  • If the group is walking it is more helpful if adults are spread throughout the group to encourage children to keep up and to encourage them to look and listen to what is around them. Please do not group with other adults at the back of the walking group, or start to chat when the group leader is explaining things when the group stops. Children can learn a lot by the polite example of other adults.
  • If the students do a 'River Study' your job is to really look over their shoulders and give advice but not to do the work for them. Encourage everyone to take turns and try out all the different jobs.

Once again very many thanks for your assistance, it should prove a great learning experience for our pupils.

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