Use of the Long Mynd

As you will appreciate with over 35,000 Educational Visitors per year to the Long Mynd, particular problems come to light. The National Trust would be very appreciative of your support in eliminating these issues. We encourage all school groups to use Carding Mill Valley (as opposed to other parts of the Long Mynd) for studies as it is better serviced (toilets, lunch room, field labs etc) and allows for conservation of the delicate habitats elsewhere.

It is always necessary to pre-book any visit to the Long Mynd.

Group leaders must make a preliminary visit to appraise suitability and conduct risk assesssments.

Ashes Hollow

  • As of 2014 National Trust ask that no school groups use Ashes Hollow. If you feel there is an exceptional circumstance then please call Education Office: 01694 725006.

Carding Mill Valley

  • Please be aware that vehicles have right of way on the road and that there are residents in the Valley. Single file on the road is helpful. Coaches to park in the designated area.
  • Please supervise pupil access to the Chalet Pavilion and Shop in small groups. Ice creams also available from outside the tearooms. Please request that the kiosk be opened if closed.
  • Please be aware of the potential for abuse of the toilet facilities and supervise student use.
  • Please encourage a conservation attitude and leave no evidence of your visit in respect of litter.
  • Please avoid bank breakdown along the stream and discourage the building of dams.
  • Please do not allow students to disturb the fragile habitats of flushes, heathland etc.
  • Please return all measured/sampled bedload to the stream as quickly as possible to conserve life forms. Warn of the dangers of stone throwing.
  • Please measure valley sides by clinometer from the base as other methods accelerate erosion and falling rocks.
  • Please be aware of the needs of other visitors in your movements.
  • Please discourage grass tobogganing, noisy groups and walking up scree or off the footpath. Below are the key messages we would like students to understand by the end of their visit.
  • Leaders should ensure students are closely monitored, adequately insured and appropriately dressed.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support. The staff of the Long Mynd hope that you have a productive visit.

Key Messages learned by visiting the Long Mynd

  • The landscape and wildlife of the Long Mynd have been shaped by farming over thousands of years, and without constant management it would very quickly lose much of its appeal.
  • The hills may look tough and rugged but actually it is quite fragile. Without the National Trust's management, it would very quickly lose much of its special value - and you can help us care for it.
  • Much of the Long Mynd is covered by heathland, which is rare and very valuable because it supports such a variety of birds and other wildlife.
  • Your lifestyle has a real impact on the countryside and the environment - by making the right choices, you can help us to care for places like this.
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