Rocks & Soils

A service which can be conducted in Carding Mill Valley where we can explain about the formation of the hills from nearby volcanoes, examine strata and conduct tests on metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary samples. Indoor testing of rock samples for texture, hardness, permeability, colour, limestone content and density. Use of microscopes and hand lenses. Go hunting for 520 million year old fossilised raindrops and examine stream bedload for proofs of erosion.

A combination of half a day spent in CMV and the afternoon on Wenlock Edge makes an ideal day's work. On the visit to Wenlock Edge we vist Lea Quarry, exploring Wenlock Edge soils and coral reef strata for fossils and examining some restored lime kilns. This 420 million year old Silurian limestone contrasts well with Long Mynd's older PreCambrian rocks. KS1 and 2 Unit 3D. KS3 and 4 Limestone. Rocks. Quarrying.

In this service we guarantee one adult leader per class (but often about 1:15).

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