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Monday 16th March 2009

New Log Boiler is installed

2009 sees the installation of our super 93% efficient log boiler. We hope to save ?5000 a year by using our own wood supplies from Wenlock Edge to supply all our heating needs in Carding Mill Valley shop, tea room and offices.

Carding Mill Snippets
OK ? enough with the technospeak ?lets move on to some intriguing little details about Carding Mill Valley. For example, did you know that?.
? Carding Mill Valley today attracts in the region of 250,000 visitors a year, (staggering isn?t it? I wonder where they all get to because I never meet any of them when I?m up on the Mynd.)
? Carding Mill Valley is situated in Church Stretton, which is on the A49 between Ludlow and Shrewsbury. (If you don?t know this - you?re obviously living in the wrong place?!)
? The rocks on the Long Mynd are some of the oldest in Britain, being over 560 million years old. (Although by the time I reach the top of Cow Ridge, it?s usually me that feels 560 million years old!)

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